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I made this statement at the Duluth Parks Commission meeting tonight.

"It gives me great pleasure to be able to officially announce that the new dog park in eastern Duluth is open.

It is located at 3567 Riley Road, off Jean Duluth Road. There are still a few things to finish like mowing a path and filling in some ruts. A Grand Opening will be scheduled for later this month. A name was submitted last September but has still not been reviewed.

Thank you to city staff for making the driveway and parking area, putting in the concrete for the entry and bench bases,installing the benches and providing trash cans and garbage pick up.

Thank you to dog park supporters who donated money that paid for the fence materials, signs, bag containers and benches.

Thank you for the $4000 parks fund grant that helped pay for expenses.

Thank you to the 40 volunteers who have put in over 1,300 hours physically building the dog park which greatly decreased the cost to build this dog park.

At this time the park is un-mowed and is a beautiful natural state of wild flowers, clover, daisies and other plants. We will monitor it and see how it grows and handles the foot traffic. This creates a unique dog park and greatly decreases maintenance needs. Many people have already been using the park with great reviews. I invite you to come and take a look, with or without a dog along".

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