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Just passing through

I was in the upper parking lot on Bristol St at Keene Creek Park yesterday, waiting for volunteers. There were several vehicles in the parking lot, including a California licensed truck and camper. As I waited, I watched a family with their dogs come from the dog park and go to their vehicle and another couple bring their dog to their vehicle. It was clearly a busy time at the dog park. Then coming up the path were two women and their three dogs. I watched them go to the California truck and load their dogs in their 2 large, shaded crates in the back of their truck.

I was curious and had time to kill so went over to talk with them. They were from California and were on an extended trip, cruising the country, visiting family and friends while looking for their next home. They had sold their home in southern California and were cruising the country to see where they wanted to live next. They had been traveling more than two months already. The place that they could see themselves living was Ironwood, Michigan. We had a conversation about the vast weather differences between southern California with their dry heat, the humid heat they experienced in Oklahoma and the potential for snow and cold in Michigan.

I asked what they were doing in Duluth and what their plans were. They had no plans in Duluth and were on their way to Fargo for the night. They were just passing through. I asked what were they doing in Duluth besides the dog park. They said they were only here for the dog park, they weren't doing anything else. They stopped in Duluth just to use the dog park, so that their dogs could get out and exercise! It spoke volumes to me, that these women took time to look for dog parks on their route and that brought them to Duluth. Nothing else. While they were in town they probably got something to eat, maybe some gas, who knows. Maybe their favorable stop in Duluth will bring them back again.

I asked what they thought of the park. They said it was nice, they liked it, they had a good time. They said that this dog park had the most dogs of all the dog parks they have been to, other dog parks had fewer dogs coming and going.

The volunteers arrived and the women needed to get on the road so it was time to part. We introduced ourselves and shook hands. I wished them safe travels and luck finding their new home.

I hope they find themselves back in Duluth again, when they are just passing through. Maybe they will stay a little longer next time.

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