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Ways you can help the dog parks, the majority are no cost and most take very little time.

Here is a list of some things you can do to help the dog parks. The vast majority cost no money and most take very little time.

Pick up your dogs poop.

Bring bags to put in the crates.

Bring a shovel and clear the entry in the winter.

Pick up other dogs poop.

If someone is doing work at the park, thank them.

If someone is doing work at the park, offer to help them.

Bring water for your dog.

Bring water for any dog.

Take a walk around the perimeter of the park and pick up all the poop you find.

Write an email when there is a notice that emails are needed to benefit the dog parks.

Donate money to the dog park fund by donating on this website.

Buy a shirt.

Donate things you no longer need to the next rummage sale.

Buy something at the next rummage sale.

Help with dog park improvement and building projects when the request goes out. No experience is required. No tools are required. We have had people helping with a wide range of physical limitations who have been able to help out. Something as simple as offering to come and help set up lunch and beverages (paid for by other donations) on a bigger work day can be a big help so others can keep working while that one person can attend to the food and refreshments.

Pick up and throw away trash and extra jugs from the dog park.

Attend a meeting when a request goes out.

Pull down the obnoxious weeds and vines in and around the dog parks.

Pick up trash and poop along the path to or from the dog park.

Offer to bring another dog park user (and/or their dog) who can't drive, doesn't have a vehicle, or has a child to young to go to the dog park. Can you say doggie carpool?

Do little maintenance things that come up.

One of the crate lids is broken off the hinges. Take a look and see what it takes to fix it. Bring along a couple screws and a screwdriver and fix it.

Redo the paint on the crate lids so they say "Clean Bags, No Trash".

Fill in holes in the so a person or dog doesn't trip or sneak under the fence.

Organize a work day to clear weeds and brush at Observation and promote it. The city has a volunteer coordinator and they have all sorts of clippers and pruners and loppers for weed removal that can be signed out and borrowed.

Help me when I have a technology request. My computer skills are really limited and many of you, probably all of you, can do a way better job making nice looking documents on the Facebook page.

Help with water flow and drainage management at the dog parks in the spring when the snow is melting and to get better drainage in the fall so it flows better in the spring.

Create a fund raiser and promote it.

Contact your employer or philanthropic organization to see if they would help with labor or donations in some way.

Promote dog park fund raisers through social media.

Contact nurseries to see if they would donate any trees to Keene or the new eastern dog park.

Offer to write a guest blog article for this website about something that would interest dog park users.

If you see a problem at one of the parks, notify someone or help find a solution and take care of it.

Promote the various dog park requests (a work project or email/meeting need) on the Duluth Dog Park Facebook page so it doesn't always come from me. .

Help at the Duluth Dog Park table at an event like Fido's Fall Fest a couple weeks ago.

In the next month there will be a plan put forward for Keene Creek Park. When that is announced take time to look at the plan, give it thought and comment on it on the city's website.

Watch your dog while at the dog park, don't get too engrossed in your cell phone or conversations that you don't see what is happening with your or others dogs. Make sure your dog is playing well with others. Don't be that person who's dog is annoying others or starting fights.

If you see another dog pooping, let the owner know. Or go pick it up yourself.

Spread salt/sand from the container at Observation when it is needed.

I am sure there are a lot more things. This is what I came up with in the past hour. Thanks for what you do to help our dog parks.

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