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Major dog park shout out from Visit Duluth

I recently picked up the 2016 Official Visitor Guide for Duluth. This promotional magazine is printed and distributed by Visit Duluth and is available at hotels, public locations, and any place where people might pick them up to see what to do in Duluth. They would also be available at the many events and trade shows where Duluth is promoted.

I was thrilled to see the HUGE shout out to the dog parks. "Visit one of over 130 parks in the city, including two fenced-in off-leash dog parks."

We have been working for years to get more recognition of the value of dog parks to residents of Duluth and people from nearby towns who lack a dog park in their home town. We have also been trying to educate about the value and attraction to the many tourists who travel with their dogs. We have been working with Visit Duluth and the City of Duluth to get accurate info on their websites. They now link to this website so that we can provide accurate and detailed information to people. Printing the notice of our dog parks in their prime print promotional magazine shows that Visit Duluth sees the value of our dog parks. This is real validation of our work and importance of dog parks. Thank you to Visit Duluth.

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