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New resources on our web site.

We have added a new resources tab to our web site. The goal is to provide information that will help visitors to Duluth with their dog needs when planning their trip to Duluth.

We have just added dog friendly hotels with information on the number of dogs and size of dogs they allow, any additional non refundable fees and if they have a limited number of pet friendly rooms. You will need to confirm any information before you book since information can change. Hopefully this information will help in hotel planning.

I also want to add information on what to do if you are visiting and have a pet emergency as well as doggie day care options in case visitors want to do an activity without their dog while in Duluth. Outdoor dining with your dog and other resources in Duluth are linked to the resources information at A Place for Fido's web page.

We hope this additional information will make visiting Duluth with your furry family easier and more pleasant.

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