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How you can help support Duluth Dog Parks:



Donate Money:

Volunteers have to raise money to fund new dog parks and improve existing dog parks.  The city does not pay to build dog parks.  Donations always appreciated, every dollar helps the cause.  Please contact us HERE to make arrangements for donations by check or you can donate directly using your credit card by clicking the donate button. Thank you for your support!

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Use the Park:

The easiest way to support the Duluth Dog Parks is to make regular use of them.  Please make sure that you are courteous and obey all park rules.  And always leaving the park better than you found it helps greatly!

Be a Volunteer:
  • Help keep the parks clean by removing litter, old water containers, damaged tennis balls, and orphan poops.  It only takes a short time to walk the perimeter to do a clean up. 

  • Recycle your used, clean plastic bags by putting in the covered crates at the dog park for poop clean-up. 

  • In the winter bring a shovel and clear the entry. 

  • Contact us to donate your time for fund raising and special projects.  Or you could plan a fund raiser, too!

Join us on Facebook:

We post there to update on fund raising efforts and give status reports on new dog parks, current dog park improvements and special projects.

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