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About our parks, donors and volunteers


Duluth currently has four fenced, off-leash dog parks, Keene Creek Dog Park in west Duluth and Observation Dog Park in central Duluth and Jean Duluth Dog Park in eastern Duluth and GND REC Dog Park in Gary New Duluth.  All the dog parks are fenced with double gated entry areas with separate areas for small dogs, 20 pounds and under.  Keene Dog Park, Jean Duluth Dog Park does not have water so bring your own.  Bring a bag and pick up after your dog.  There is no fee or charge to use the dog parks.

Dog parks in Duluth are driven by and planned by volunteers.  They are paid primarily through volunteer efforts.  Volunteers are instrumental in maintaining and improving current dog parks and getting new dog parks built.



                                                  Duluth Dog Parks are City of Duluth public parks.  They are approved, built 

                                                               and maintained in partnership with the City of Duluth.

Thank you for donating!

Thank you to all who have donated to fund dog parks through the spaghetti dinner and silent auction, cash, online and mailed donations, donation jug at community events, shirt sales, and through our two rummage sales.  Thank you for the community grants fund that has found our dog parks important enough to approve grants in a competitive process.  Thank you to those that bring bags for the bag crates and all who help keep our dog parks a fun place to visit.

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