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Keene Creek Dog Park:


Open everyday 8am-10pm


Please read all of the park rules before entering. 


Located in West Duluth near Grand Ave and I-35.  There are two  parking lots.  The lower lot is at 28 N 62nd Ave W.  The upper lot is at 6220 Bristol St.    When approaching from the north on I-35 take the Grand Ave exit.  Take a right on 63rd Ave West.  You can continue to Bristol for the upper parking lot or take a right onto Nicollet St and a right onto 62rd Ave west to the lower parking lot.


Approximately .78 acres.  Fenced with double gated entry.

Separate small dog area for dogs under 20 pounds.  Gravel and grass surface.


The lower parking lot is at 28 N 62nd Ave W.   The upper parking lot is at 6220 Bristol St.  The entrance to the dog park is in the lower end, in the far southeast corner of the dog park.  


Water is available during the warm weather months.  It is shut off in winter.




Keene Creek Dog Park opened in West Duluth in 2006 through the efforts of volunteers who led the planning and fundraising to build the park.  Many fundraisers were held and donations received to fund the dog park.  The .8 acre park is conveniently located near Interstate 35 and Grand Ave.  The flood of 2012 deposited a heavy layer of silt in the dog park which was slippery when wet and dusty when dry and the entry would become very muddy.  The city maintenance staff put down wood chips to try to improve the surface but during heavy rains they flowed and caused water to pond in the park.  In 2013 a dog park volunteer applied for and received a grant which paid for six benches and small dog area fencing.  The entry was also reconfigured.  The separate small dog area is for dogs 20 pounds and under.  Through discussions with the volunteer, the city maintenance staff agreed to install the concrete bases for the benches and in the entry.  They also installed a drainage system, removed the silt and wood chips, put down gravel and planted some trees. These improvements were finished in 2014. There is a creek near the entry which many dogs enjoy after a romp in the park. There is no water so please bring your own when you visit.

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