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It has been pointed out to me that people don't really know how to send an email about the grant. In an attempt to help I am going to give some specific ideas. Please adjust and change it so a bunch of people don't send out the same thing. Please customize it to make it your own. If you literally just fill in the blanks it will seem less genuine and meaningful so please, change it up.

Hello. I would love to see flood repairs and improvements done to Keene Creek Park through the Resiliency Grant. I go to Keene Creek Park _____ times per week and spend ___ hours there each time. I usually take my ___ children, husband, wife, best friend, worst enemy, etc with me since they enjoy the park also. I use the park ____spring, summer, fall winter, year round. I like to spend time at the park to _____get out of the house, get some fresh air, get away from _____ at home, do my favorite thing which is to watch doggies run and play, etc. I have ____ dogs who like to go to the dog park to_______play, get some exercise, work off some extra weight, pee on trees, eat wood chips, etc.

I love the park but would it would be even better if _____ the flood damage repaired, the paths improved, the side creek drainage repaired, the weeds removed, water added, toilets added, etc. Insert your own examples of why the items you included are valuable.

If you use Duluth's trails you can add some words about how great it would be to have a trail head by the upper parking lot, what a great connection it is, etc. Talk about how having a trail head with water and toilets on the new cross city trail on the old DWP rail line and connections to Grand ave will be the best thing since slice bread. Have your trail using friends write an email also.

If you are into stream restoration type of things feel free to ad lib about stream stuff. This is specifically what the grant summary says about Keene Creek and Park. "Kingsbury and Keene Creeks both incurred $775,000 in unreimbursed flood damage that requires restoration of natural channels and riparian zones and reinforcement/replacement of historic stone foot bridges. These activities will provide this repair in a manner that adds attenuation of flows to reduce downstream damage, restores natural habitat, and adds trail and park amenities."

If your family uses the skate park, basket ball court or playground areas feel free to chat about that.

Keene Creek Park is really important to me. It would be even better if the flood damage was repaired and had improvements through the NRDC grant.

Sincerely, fondly, truly yours, BFF, XXOO, etc,

Jane or John Doe.

Easy, peasy, right? You got this.

Send emails to You must put "NRDC Application" in the subject line. Deadline is Friday, October 16 at 5 pm. But there is no time like the present so just do it now. If you don't send an email, I don't ever want to hear you complain about anything at Keene, because this grant is the best way to get repairs and improvements to Keene. And sending an email to show how important Keene Creek Park is to YOU is the best way to help.

Thank you, thank you to those that will take a few minutes to send an email. As an added reward if you forward a copy to you will get your own very public thank you on the Duluth Dog Parks Facebook group. Wouldn't that be cool.

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