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On the Record-Letters of Support

The city council meeting on August 31 unanimously approved the dog park proposal for the city property north of Riley Road, off Jean Duluth Road. The actions of the meeting can be found here. Of most interest is page three of the city council actions. It is a list of the "Communications regarding the proposed East Duluth dog park site" that is on page three of the document. You can see all 28...yes, TWENTY EIGHT letters of support for the dog park proposal. You can click on each letter and read them. It is quite interesting to read the many letters and how dog parks are important, to the writers and their dog/s. These 28 letters had a huge impact in getting the dog park approved. Thank you to all who took time to write to the city council.

Let's now show our appreciation to the council for their unanimous vote to approve the dog park by emailing

a short thank you to and

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