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Pet friendly apartments opening in 2016

At Keene Creek dog park yesterday I noticed a flyer for Bluestone Flats. These are the next set of apartments opening up near UMD by Woodland Ave. The Flats are pet friendly!!! They allow up to two animals, dogs or cats. More details on their pet policy here. The complex will have an outdoor pet park, pet wash, and a lot of high end features (pool, hot tub, sauna, granite counters, 9-10 foot ceilings, concierge, etc). I think it is great that a developer sees the value and need to have pet friendly housing in Duluth. Hopefully one of the other developers with apartment plans in the works also sees the value in providing for renters with pets with a middle or lower priced option so people of more income levels can find housing with their furry family members. I have no personal knowledge of the development, rental price or any other details besides what is on their website I but wanted to share this new development. The flyer says they are accepting applications now.

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