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We need YOU to get an eastern dog park. Eastern dog park update.

The proposed dog park on Riley Road, just off Jean Duluth road, goes before the city council on Monday, August 31. The meeting is open to the public and takes place on the third floor in the Council Chambers at 411 W 1st St. at 7 pm. The dog park agenda item was pulled from the consent agenda which means it will be voted on individually. We don't know how all the councilors plan to vote on it so it is still important to contact the councilors if you haven't done so already. You can email them at It is also helpful to email It is best to get those emails sent this weekend, the sooner the better. That gives the councilors time to read and think about the emails before the meeting.

People can also choose to speak on the issue. To do that you must be there and sign up before the meeting begins. The sign in sheet is on the left side near the front of the audience seating area. You can speak for up to three minutes.

Even if you live west and plan to use Observation or Keene, it is helpful to send an email because it shows the support that dog parks have in the community in general. City support for dog parks will help all dog parks. So far there are only 15 emails in support.

If you have a dog park shirt, please consider wearing it. If you don't have one perhaps you could borrow one. I hope to also have the remaining shirts along so you could get one there. $5.00, what a deal! If you don't have a dog park shirt you could wear any white one to show solidarity with the dog park proposal.

If we get approved we need to get hopping if people want to have the park built this fall. We have been offered many hundreds of feet of chain link fencing. For free. But it is installed and we will have to un-install it. This means we will have to do less fund raising but more physical work. We will need to organize work days and times. Some will be light things like unfastening nuts off bolts so there will be opportunities for people of all abilities and skill levels. We will need some people to step forward and initiate the planning and work that needs to be done. Please join the East Duluth Dog Park facebook group to be more involved with the dog park going forward. We will need to schedule a meeting soon after the vote to get things going. Please consider helping out in any way you are able. To make this dog park happen, there need to be more people willing to help and take on leadership roles.

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