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Far west dog park work is underway.

A new dog park in Gary New Duluth will be coming this fall. This dog park is part of a whole park and recreation center renewal by Stowe Elementary School. The full plan can be seen here. Through an incredible coalition of community members, stores, companies, skilled laborers and volunteers, the rec center has been completely refurbished and new outdoor rec areas will be built. The dog park moved up on the schedule due to problems with getting affordable bids for some of the other work in the park. The area was a green space with tall weeds and trees. The weeds need to be removed and trees thinned to allow for mower access and for improved light so the remaining trees can flourish. There are also decades of small branches, twigs and trash that need to be cleared. A group of 11 dog park users have spent time cleaning the area. Local boyscouts have also been doing some clearing. Once it is cleared, fencing will need to be installed and benches and other amenities added. A berm with plantings will provide additional privacy to the nearby homes. Additional volunteeers will be needed to continue to help with this project. They have a facebook page and website if you want to find out more information about the project or donate time or money to the project. I will be posting updates on the Duluth Dog Parks facebook page. We have added a Gary New Duluth Dog Park tab on this website so you can locate the park. This will be a welcome addition for humans with dogs in the far west of our very long city.

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