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Dining out with your Dog in Duluth

We have been having some fabulous weather this summer. Perfect for long walks (or short ones), picnics, beach time and all of the things we enjoy about summer in Duluth. Many of us are doing those things with our furry family members. If you are looking to bring your pooch on one of your outdoor dining outings and wondering where you can go, I have the perfect source. A Place for Fido has a list of Duluth restaurants and bars that allow outdoor dining with your dog. Check with the establishment because some of them have certain restrictions or locations that you must comply with.

A Place for Fido and Midi Restaurant also have doggy happy hour every Tuesday, weather permitting. There are human and dog treats and drinks outside on the deck and inside at Fido's. Full details can be found here.

Another option for a quick treat after the park is a cone from McDonald's or a pup cup from Dairy Queen.

If anyone has any other outdoor doggy options, let me know. Time to get out and enjoy this great weather!

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