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Keeping cool, part 2

I just became aware of another option for keeping dogs cool and wanted to share it.

This is Murph. His mom is an ambitious young woman from Duluth. I met her when she volunteered to handle credit card payments at our Duluth Dog Park spaghetti dinner last year. She is a frequent dog park user along with Murph and other friends dogs she brings on occasion. Recently she posted on Facebook that she has a new canine cooling product that she is making and selling and was going to be demoing it in Canal Park. I was intrigued and asked more about it. Her company is Murph and Co. and she is making neck coolers for dogs and humans.

You soak the neck wrap in water, it expands and then you attach it with the velcro tabs. The wet wrap cools by evaporation. They are re-usable and you can resoak them as needed. She says they keep your pup cool for 3-5 hours. They can also be used for humans. I have had two different neck scarves that would tie around my neck that use a similar method to keep cool on hot days.

The coolers are made in Duluth by Murphs mom using non-toxic materials. She can make them in custom sizes for no extra charge, prices start at $10-15. She is working on adding some different prints and designs to her line. They should only be used with supervision so you shouldn't leave them on your pooch alone; they would be great for walks or going to the dog park.

I haven't seen them in person yet but wanted to let people know about another option for keeping your canine cool on these hot days. Not only could your dog feel cool, but look cool with this functional fashion statement.

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