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Bulldogs, baby!

I have a friend with a bulldog who I am also friends with on Facebook. She resisted my invitations to bring Hendrix to the dog park since they live in the country with room for Hendrix to roam. Last Saturday I noticed she commented on a facebook post from two other bulldogs. Yes, bulldogs Loki and Amora have their own facebook account. Loki and Amora had posted that they had another bulldog staying with them. I couldn't resist the temptation to try to use this opportunity to get Hendrix to the dog park by trying to set up a doggie play date. They fell for my plan and before you know it there was a bulldog date set for Sunday at 2. The event was posted on the dog park facebook page, some bulldog owners tagged and we had more coming to the party.

There were five bulldogs in attendance including Hendrix, Amora and Louie, full siblings, pictured above. The siblings tended to hang out together even though they have been apart since they were babies. It was a hot day so there was lots of lounging in the shade of the tree and under the picnic table. There was lots of panting and tongues hanging out. I brought my home made shower jug to rinse off any willing dogs, and humans who benefited by the dogs shaking off the water. One of our photographers even answered the invitation and came out to memorialize the event with great pictures.

I am happy to add that my friend, her daughter, husband and Hendrix all had a great time chatting with the bulldog owners, sharing stories, comparing the dogs and having a nice time at the dog park.

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