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Stella from Michigan

Bill and I took Monty to Observation this morning for the first Observation play date. When we were there a family of five came in. A mom, dad, two daughters and Stella. They brought her all the way into the all dog area on a leash so it was clear they were new to dog parks. I went over to talk with them and help them through their first time nervousness. They let Stella off leash and she quickly started running around. Her family has been extra cautious since Stella has been nervous around dogs since she got nipped in the nose at the vets office. They have been traveling for four days from their home in Carleton, Michigan, near Detroit. They were thrilled and laughing to see Stella running and having a good time playing with Monty and chasing a ball. They said Stella has been limited much of their trip to hotels and car rides and they all had a great time at Observation. They found the park by accident; they were driving around looking for a good vantage point to watch the fireworks and the dad saw the Observation Dog Park sign and said to pull over right away. It was great to see and hear the family giggling and laughing and having fun. I think Duluth will rank even higher on their vacation list after their visit to the dog park.

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