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Observation Dog Park play dates

We are going to try

something new at Observation Dog Park. We are going to have some regularly scheduled play dates so that you are more likely to have some playmates when you get there. Certainly you can still go to Observation any time you like, these are just a little more organized to have (hopefully) more playmates to socialize with. We will have them on Tuesday evenings at 5:30 pm and Thursday and Saturday mornings at 11 am. We chose those dates and times to try to hit morning, evening, week day and week end options for people with different work schedules. If anyone wants to lead up a different date and time, that is fine too.

It can also be helpful to announce on the Duluth Dog Parks or Duluth observation dog park Facebook groups that you are going to the dog park and others may see that and come out and meet you there. I have noticed that people get better responses when they post a picture of their dog when they post that they will be at the dog park. Make sure you specify which dog park you will be going to.

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