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The generous dog park community

One of the

​​beautiful things about the dog parks is the community that has developed through them. People meet at the dog par​ks and get to know one another. The Duluth Dog Parks facebook page provides a way to reach out online. Last week one of the regular Observation Dog Park users posted an urgent plea. She had to leave town for 4-6 weeks due to medical concerns and was looking for someone to foster her dog while she was away. One of the dog park users quickly responded to her plea with an offer to foster her dog. He knew his dog got along with hers through previous meetings at Observation Dog Park. Others chimed in with support and offers to help out. Two dog park users helped move her possessions from her third story room into a storage unit in Superior, WI. Another dog park user helped out by donating and delivering a tie out to the foster home when he realized he needed a second for his new guest. It was a great example of how the dog parks have been a way for people to meet, make friends and form a community.

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